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Hopefully you will know me very soon. I am a writer working on my first crime fiction novel. I also have a short story that will be under review at Crimspree Magazine shortly.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Little Rejection, A Lot of Encouragement

So it's been a while since my last post. Sorry about that. Since my last post I've been continuing to grind away at the novel and a few other things have occurred.

The first is that my short story, BANGERS AND MASH, has been rejected by Thuglit.com. No hard feelings though, as it's all part of the game. My next step is to edit it a little more to make sure it's completely polished, and submit it to Crimespree Magazine during their September submission period. Then comes more waiting.

The second is that my novel has slowed down a bit as far as my production is concerned simply due to some other things I've had to take care of. Hopefully this week it will pick up a bit more.

The third thing that has happened is that Marcus Sakey has given me the great complement of linking this very blog to The Outfit Collective's list of crime fiction websites. It means a great deal to have someone who is as fantastic a writer as Marcus to say my website looks great and then to see it intermingled with all those other crime-filled sites.

A great segway here (love it when that happens)-If you haven't gotten a copy of THE AMATEURS yet, then dammit, click on the link and order it! I would have to say this is probably Marcus's best book so far. It is at once heartbreaking and funny, tragic and victorious. I plowed through it and had a couple sleep deprived nights as I ferociously turned page after page. After you read it, begin looking forward to #5. I can't imagine where he will take us next.

Right now, I am reading THE POET, by Michael Connelly. I have to say this book is insane, but in the best way possible. It will haunt you to the core. I went to bed the other night after a little reading with goosebumps...and closing my eyes was a bit of a chore. I wish I had discovered this book sooner.

I guess it's farewell for now. I will try to post sooner next time and give you an update on the novel. I should be done by Halloween now and I already have the brewings of a second novel in my head. Read well, my friends.

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Deadline" Looming

Ok.....so less than two months to go huh? Well, maybe I was a bit ambitious with September 30. At the present time I have just over 52,000 words. I don't have a specific goal but a general goal of anywhere between 65,000 and 90,000 but I'm really just letting the story tell itself. Herein lies the problem-the story keeps telling itself.

Not that this is at all a bad thing; it's not. I think that the story is getting better and better as it goes and I hope for more to come. If I don't meet my "deadline," no big thing. This hopefully will be the only time that I have the opportunity to write a novel without a deadline. With any luck by this time next year, I will be in the midst of the publishing process.

To date, it's been a hell of a journey and I'm glad it's not over. Writing is something I love, but at times it is challenging beyond any imaginable expectations. But it's all for the greater good...we'll just have to see what comes out the other end.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Playing with emotions

I just finished writing the part, which for me at least, will probably be the most emotional part of the book. It puts a main character through the toughest ordeal of their life and possibly will unravel their inner core.

In other fronts, last night I hopefully made a networking connection with a published author, Nelson Bates, who said he would be more than willing to assist me through the publishing processs. Thanks to Stacy for that.

I am anxiously awaiting Marcus Sakey's August 6th release of THE AMATEURS. Marcus is quickly making a name for himself in the industry and my prediction is that in the next few years, he will be as big as, if not bigger than Dennis Lehand, George Pelecanos, etc. He is poignant, gritty, and hardcore. August 6th can't come soon enough.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Books of Note Coming Out

Here is a taste of what's coming out and what has come out recently in the crime fiction genre in the coming months. All of these novels, if the past works by these writers is any indication, are going to be rip-your-heart-out, murderous, and fast as hell. It should be a good second half of 2009.

May 5th- DARK PLACES By Gillian Flynn
"I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ." This is a quote from the synopsis. I don't need to say anything else about this. Gillian Flynn does not dissapoint.

August 6th-THE AMATEURS By Marcus Sakey
What can I say about Marcus? He's fucking fantastic and THE AMATEURS had me hooked just from the exerpt on his website.

September 3- THE HIDDEN MAN By David Ellis
Go back and read the description for Marcus Sakey and apply it here as well. Ellis is a genius.

September 15th-THE LOST SYMBOL By Dan Brown
Any fan of THE DA VINCI CODE has been waiting for this book forever. I am going to preorder it so I don't miss out and get it spoiled for me. I advise you to do the same.

October 2009-NINE DRAGONS By Michael Connelly
Michael Connelly has a way of pumping out novels like Dairy Queen pumps out soft serve. It's in mass quantities and nothing short of amazing. I don't know how he keeps coming up with ideas but he does it and Harry Bosch is one of my favorite series characters.

November 24th-LONDON BOULEVARD By Ken Bruen
Ken Bruen.....Marcus Sakey once told me about Ken Bruen's novels "...every damn one is evocative as hell; he manages to accomplish in a sentence what most writers need a paragraph for." That should tell you all you need to know about this-go out and buy it when it his the shelves.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And so it begins....

Well, not really begins. It began on April 3rd but I didn't think I needed to start this part of it that early.

April 3rd I started the adventure or writing my first novel. It is a crime fiction book and like so many other people I hope to be published when everything is said and done. The title is, tentatively, SURE THING.

It's about a man named Richard Burke who makes a decision that tears his life apart at the seams. It's about the basic principals of greed, lies, and selfishness. In other words the things that we as humans value most in life.

It should tear hearts out and hopefully I will have a first draft in the next month or two. This Site will outline the last couple months of the writing process, (I promise not to spoil anything) and also, I will inform you of things going on in the crime fiction industry, and the world of true crime. I put a clock up to show my self prescribed deadline so you can help keep me on track.

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